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Custom Programming

We develop a mobile, web or desktop application according to your wishes and needs. We adapt to demands which can occur later during the development, thus you have the result fully under control. Do not pay for a number of applications for different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ...). We can deliver one for all of them!

Our Projects

Our team has a lot of ideas. As a software company, we can implement the ideas as our internal start-ups. This is one of the ways how we unleash creativity of our employees.

Outsourcing of Programmers

Are you doing custom programming? Is the deadline approaching and you are going to miss it? Rent our programmer! This solution is very useful in case you do not/cannot hire a new person but you need to handle temporary high workload.



We are a motivated team, creating modern, user-friendly applications for our clients. We will do whatever it takes for you to be satisfied!

We are an agile company. During the development, we provide prototypes of the application to our clients. In such way, we can regularly consult further steps and we are able to adapt to the requirements which occur later during development. In comparison to other companies, as our client, you have our work (and result) under control. That means, you get a product that fulfills your expectations and you do not have to spend additional funds to modify it.

Do not pay for a number of applications for different platforms!

Do not pay for a number of applications for different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone ...). We will deliver one application for all of them! If it is possible, we create a cross-platform solution running on all platforms. Thanks to this you save your money with us.

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Karel Šimoník

"Geconsoft is our reliable partner. Any time we need, they provide us experienced Android and Java developers who are able to adapt quickly and enrich our team."


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